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Storage America

38 customer reviews

Our goal is to provide you with the best service. If you have enjoyed working with us please let us know. And if there is anything we can do to make your experience better we would be pleased to receive that feedback as well.

4 Months Ago
"5 stars"
~Luisvelasco L14264362
7 Months Ago
"Arranged a unit here for a relative who is moving but needs an indeterminate storage area for furniture. On visiting their facility I found it neat, clean and also very friendly and accommodating. The location on Denton Avenue allows easy truck and car entry. I found their rates lower than another facility in the area. It's built for summer and winter indoor storage. I would definitely reccomend checking this facility if you need storage space. A $12 monthly charge covers insurance, their is an initial one time $25 Admin fee. The second month's rental is free. There is some parking for cars around the exterior of the building, or on the street."
~Ed Franmel
10 Months Ago
"5 stars"
~Rick Pena
"4 stars"
~Moe Joe
"4 stars"
~gustavo dueñez
"Buen lugar para almacenar."
~Mauricio Zapata
"I see a lot of people gave this place low ratings. The staff was helpful. The location looks clean. The prices are more competitive then other similar businesses. I guess my main negative comment would be that their carts are way too small. I brought in some mattresses for storage and it was a real struggle to get them upstairs. It really wouldn't take much for them to purchase one or two larger carts"
~Top Reviewer
"5 stars"
~Ab Korine
"4 stars"
~viji john
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