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Packing & Storage Tips

Take a list of what you will be storing so the manager can help you accurately determine the storage space you need.
Make a plan of the unit and how your items will be arranged. Leave an aisle in the center for easy access to the rear.
Never store food or items that attract pests and, for your safety, never store hazardous materials such as flammable liquids.
Use the full height to take advantage of your storage space. Shelving will help organize your space.
Label boxes on all sides. Keep a list that details contents.
Store frequently used items near the front.
Fill boxes to avoid tipping or crushing when stacked, with the heaviest on bottom.
Disassemble tables, bed frames, cabinets, etc. Wrap and label accordingly for easy assembly at a later date.
Make sure all appliances are clean and dry before storage. Wedge refrigerator and freezer doors ajar.
Store couches on end, chairs seat to seat, tables upside down with legs pointing up. Use dust covers/bed sheets to cover.
Mirrors, records and flat items should be stored on end, not flat. Books should be stored flat, and in small boxes.
Clothing and drapes should be stored hanging inside wardrobes. Use drawers in dressers to store delicate items.

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